127. Germantown Jewish Centre Playground

02 gjcThe Germantown Jewish Centre has a nice playground attached to it.  I had seen the GJC several times while driving on Lincoln Drive, but had never stopped until the day we explored the playground.  There’s a lot of room to run around, there’s a shady arbor, an innovative water toy (that needs to be connected to a nearby water hose to work), and–Zora’s favorite–a Tire Mountain.  The Tire Mountain was probably conceived as an after thought to prevent a hill from sliding down into the lower playground, but it was a hit with Zora.  We ran up and down it several times, jumping from the sprongy tire tiers.  The GJC gets extra points for making its playground so open and accessible to the public.  Thanks, guys!

gjc3 gjc2 gjc1

Philly Playground Project (not yet reviewed)

Germantown Jewish Centre link

Visited: July 2014

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