27. Sayre-Morris Rec Center Playground

This is a great playground with two playgrounds in one.  The bigger one is a little too big for Zora, but she loves the smaller one.  On one of the days that we went to visit, the Girl Scouts were selling cookies at the playground so that was a big bonus.  Plus, the playground is really close to the Sayre Health Center, just a few hundred feet to the north so if you get hurt, bandaids aren’t too far away.  The one downside: some of the graffiti is pretty vulgar.

Philadelphia Playground Project (not yet reviewed)


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Visited: January 2012

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    What a delightful list! We met at the Walnut Street West Library egg hunt- love that you included the library!- and I was hoping you’d contact me regarding developing a library friends website. Would be glad for your ideas and, if possible, expertise. 267-257-3264. Thanks! Kathy W

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