54. Rose Playground

The Rose Playground sits up on a hill over Lansdowne Avenue.  It’s hard to see from below and, if you’re driving, it’s difficult to figure out where to park.  A neighborhood playground that tries to hide itself from outsiders?  I can’t argue with that.  But Zora and I were persistent and we got ourselves there and it was well worth it.  There are two structures on two levels.  There are a couple things that we had not seen anywhere else (yet): a two-person piece that you could hang on and spin from steering-wheel sized spinners; a hemispheric climbing wall; and an old school see saw with a modern twist.  Plus, there are some large old shade trees surrounding the grounds.  And one more thing: there’s even an adult playground nearby.  Which, to be honest, just looks like exercise.

Philadelphia Playground Project (reviewed on 5/19/12)
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Visited: November 2012

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