Feb 09

146. Hagert Playground

23 haggerty

On an otherwise gray February afternoon, the colors of Hagert Playground lit up the entire block. A lovingly painted sign and a red yarn heart tied to the fence welcomes kids to the park. The playground equipment could use a good scrubbing, but the splashes of color outweigh the mean-spirited graffiti. On the afternoon we were there, a 13-year-old kid with a stopwatch was coaching several younger boys through an obstacle course that he had set up for them on, around, and through the playground. All in all, a great and welcome neighborhood playground.





Visited: February 2015

Feb 09

145. Pop’s Playground

22 pops

One corner of Pop’s Playground is an awesome and beautiful and very busy skate park which, based on what I read on the internet, has been open since July 2009.  But, sadly, the rest of Pop’s Playground needs some love. No playground looks its best on a gray February afternoon, but Pop’s is sadly marred by encyclopedic graffiti, broken and missing swings, and torn up mats and concrete.  On the plus side, there are two play structures and a basketball court and a small sprayground.  But here’s what I have to say about Pop’s Playground: Zora left her soccer ball there.  And when we realized that we had left it there and came back 20 minutes later, it was still there.  Plus, Zora got a kick out of driving on the wavy cobblestones of Trenton Avenue.


Visited: February 2015

Feb 09

144. Cione Playground

21 cione

The Cione Playground fits into a wedge of roads just south of Lehigh Avenue.  The playground seems like a bit of an afterthought, really.  The real draws are the basketball courts, floor hockey rink, soccer field, baseball field, and swimming pool.  But the playground’s spacious, at least, and on the day that Zora and I visited, she really wanted to play soccer so we had a lot of fun kicking the ball around and against the building.  It skipped around a lot on the broken concrete, though, but at least the fences prevented it from skiddering out into traffic.



Visited: February 2015

Feb 09

143. Webb Street Play Lot

20 webb st

This small corner lot across the street and behind a Wawa doesn’t seem like it would attract many people looking for solace or peace.  But it’s for kids, though, and it does provide a fenced-in concrete patch to run around in.  Plus, it’s on a lovely little block of rowhouses, and who wouldn’t want a sliding board right outside your house?



Visited: February 2015

Feb 03

142. Laura Sims Skate House

The Laura Sims Skatehouse is located in the Cobbs Creek Rec Center where Walnut Street deadends into Cobbs Creek Parkway. It’s a big, light, airy ice rink, and skate rentals will only set you back three bucks.  Zora and I, joined by our friend Jai, visited on a Sunday afternoon in January.  Zora’s just learning how to skate and mostly hung out on the rail, with brief jaunts into the middle of the ice when she was feeling particularly brave.  Jai, on the other hand, was an ice skating maniac.  Around and around they went until the PA system announced that the session was over and everyone had to leave the ice for the Zamboni to clear things up.

For hours of operation, check out the Parks and Rec page on ice rinks here.

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Visited: January 2015.