Aug 04

133. Playground at John B. Kelly Pool

[map coming]

I had off from work and Zora was playing hooky from child care one recent steamy Friday afternoon so we headed over to go swimming in the Kelly Pool and play on the swings in the shadow of the Please Touch Museum.  The playground structure, as shown in the map above, is not all that exciting.  The real draw here is, of course, the pool.  It’s one of the few (public) pools that we’ve found in Philly that is in proximity to trees and has grass. And it’s huge.

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Jul 25

132. Happy Hollow Playground

06 happyhollowHappy Hollow Playground is located at the City’s oldest continually-operating rec center.  Inside the rec center–which was locked on the sunny Sunday that we visited–is apparently a boxing gym.  The playground has a set of standard equipment, including three hopscotch games, infant and children’s swings, and two playground structures.  Up a curved path behind the playground will take you to the rest of the rec center’s fields.  And a small well-tended garden is tucked in next to one of the rec buildings.

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Visited: July 2014

Jul 22

131. Daniel E. Rumph II Rec Center / Mallery Playground / Carpenter Park

04 rumphThis neighborhood park in Germantown, attached to a rec center, appears to have three names.  Daniel E. Rumph, II, sadly, was a local teen who, according to news reports, was a local teen who went into sudden cardiac arrest in 2005 while playing basketball.  After his death, his family worked to get defibrillators installed in many Philly rec centers.  Today, there are two playgrounds at the rec center.  There’s a toddler one to the north (which we didn’t have a chance to visit) and one for bigger kids to the south.  Zora most enjoyed the retro rainbow climber.  The playground was nice, but the basketball court was the apparent real draw, with many more patrons than the playground when we were there on a mild summer Sunday.

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Jul 21

130. Cliveden Park

05 cliveden“It’s the Clark Park of Northwest Philly,” this West Philly guy thought as we ran down the hill to the playground.  The park has a lush bowl just like Clark Park (which is apparently designed to be a big rain garden?)  The playground is great.  The two best features are a climber bridge between two structures and the low masonry wall circling the swings.  But really the playground is just a small piece of this beautiful neighborhood oasis.  And that’s coming from a playground guy.

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Jul 21

129. Pleasant Playground

01 pleasantparkPleasant Playground, just off of Chew Avenue, was, according to news reports, renovated in 2012-2013.  Today, it’s clean and fresh and beautiful.  Fortunately, we went on a hot afternoon and Zora had a bathing suit with her, because the park has this amazing water sprinkler that’s activated by a button on a nearby pole.  Push it, and water shoots 15 feet into the air.  That sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?  But there’s something about giving kids control over water sprayers that makes them giddy with joy.  And I don’t think that’s just Zora.

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