88. Parkside Evans Rec Center Playground

12 parkside-evansParkside Evans Playground is in West Philly and, if you look the right way, it looks like you’re in the woods.        It’s a fairly typical rec center playground with the usual equipment, with one difference: it has a stegosaurus climber just like they have at Clark Park and the UC Swim Club and, to date, not seen at any other playgrounds.  It would be cool to hang out here some night when there was a show at the Mann, located just over the hill to the east.
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Philadelphia Playground Project review (7/6/11)

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Visited: February 2013

One thought on “88. Parkside Evans Rec Center Playground

  1. Parkside-Evans is getting a new addition to their rec center – Philadelphia’s first public Pumptrack. A pumptrack is a bicycle park made of soil that is an enclosed loop, and is ideal for children to learn bicycle handling skills in a controlled environment. The grand opening will be May 10, 2014, and will be the signature event of Philadelphia’s Love Your Park Day.

    Pumptracks are one of the fastest-growing attractions in biking, are small in scale and can be enjoyed by cyclists of all ages and skill levels. A pumptrack is fun and teaches riders essential riding skills while building fitness, all in a low-risk environment. A pumptrack in Philadelphia will provide a place where young and old can ride bikes in safe numbers and in mixed-age groups. The Philadelphia Pumptrack will be a venue where riding and spectating can be a community affair.

    This will be Philadelphia’s first pumptrack that is open (and free) to the public. Thanks to a myriad of donations from generous individuals and local companies, the park will also have bicycles and helmets available for onsite loan to kids and adults – at no charge!

    The Philly Pumptrack is located just north of the tennis courts along Parkside Avenue.

    For more information, visit http://www.phillypumptrack.org.

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