117. Miles Mack / McAlpin Playground

miles mackI really like Miles Mack Playground for lots of reasons.  I see it from the train when I’m coming home from Harrisburg, and it’s a sign that I’m almost home.  There’s a bunch of new equipment, plus several pieces of retro steel equipment, including an amazing old spaceship monkey bars.  Zora’s feeling a lot braver these days that she has in the past.  She didn’t used to go on the tall monkey bars, but when I saw her scamper up those monkey bars recently, it made me feel, well, like I was getting older.  I felt older thinking about the recent history of this playground.  Zora wasn’t born yet when, in September 2008, Miles Mack, a dedicated mentor, peacemaker, and coach, was gunned down after a basketball tournament that he had organized.

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Philadelphia Playground Project (reviewed 6/11/2011)

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Visited: March 2014

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