31. Martha Washington Elementary School Playground

This is a great playground.  It’s an almost duplicate of the nearby playground at Alain Locke Elementary School.  The afternoon we visited, the sun shone bright in the sky and a rambunctious group of four kids played a spirited game of dodge ball among the playground.  But what makes it really welcoming are the four picnic tables and gazebo surrounding the play area.  That plus the nearby basketball courts would make for a great place to host a family reunion or large gathering.  And although the trees aren’t that big, there are six of them, and they’re growing.  Just give them a few years.  The only downside is that, even by Philly standards, there was an unseemly amount of trash littered about.

Philadelphia Playground Project (not yet reviewed)

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Visited: January 2012

3 thoughts on “31. Martha Washington Elementary School Playground

  1. Your maps are amazing! I currently work on a mapping initiative at KaBOOM!. We’re attempting to create a comprehensive community-generated guide to playspaces, both as a resource for people looking to find places to play and as a way to identify Play Deserts across the nation. I would love to talk to you about what you’ve collected here and see if we might include it in the Map of Play. Feel free to email me to talk about it — I’d love to!

  2. Love your visits, especially all the cute pics — wish we could do that at the PHiladelphia Playground Project, but the extra work would probably bring all progress to a halt. Anyway, will be sure to use your list to get better coverage for our West Philly forays (although the hugeness of North Philly is getting our attention right now)…

    Hope you enjoyed the month of outings! Sounds fun.

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