85. Markward Playground at Schuylkill River Park

This is an amazing park.  It’s got two large play structures with loads of cool stuff, including a slide that’s got to be over 12′ tall.  It has a small see saw (on the left; it’s partially cut off on the diagram above.)  It’s got some of the best landscaping–including beautiful flowers–of any park we’ve been to.  All in all, a beautiful place.  Zora loved the slides–especially the two very tall slides in the top middle of the drawing.  Be warned, though, that you can really get up some speed on the tall straight one.  With the completion of the pedestrian bridge over the CSX tracks, you can now go directly from this playground onto the Schuylkill Banks Trail, up to the Art Museum, and beyond.

Markward Playground’s website.

a4a5a3 Philadelphia Playground Project review (8/2/09)

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Visited: February 2013

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