94. Guerin Rec Center

guerinZora’s kind of into a tic-tac-toe phase right now.  She gets the strategy–finally!–and is a lot of fun to play with.  Which means she had a blast at this playground because they have TWO tic-tac-toe games and a tic-tac-toe like animal-maker.  Not shown on this map is a curvy path on the rubbery ground surface beneath the playground structures that was a lot of fun to race along.  Shown on this map is the seemingly haphazard scattering of benches and trees.  Over all, this is a nice rec center playground that’s a little worn, but one that I’d be happy to live near.  But what’s up with all of that unused asphalt spread out on the other side of the gym?  Not even a basketball court but just lots and lots of hard, hot space.




Philly Playground Project (reviewed 8/15/2010)

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Visited: August 2013

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