140. Drexel Park

[map coming]

True, there are no playgrounds in Drexel Park, just above the tracks in West Philly.  So why is it included on this blog?  Well, it’s a great place to run around and play soccer or frisbee.  Not so good for hide-and-seek, as Zora pointed out, because there aren’t many good hiding places.  But it’s really here because I lived in this neighborhood back in the 1990s when this lot was a cyclone-fenced-in barren swatch of rubble.  And now, look at this view.  It’s extraordinary.  Given Drexel’s pace of building lately, it might be built on soon or the view might be blocked by construction over the tracks, but for now, this is such a lovely park to hang out in, it really deserved a spot here.

drexelpark02 drexelpark01

Philly Playground Project (not yet reviewed)

Visited: October 2014

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