153. Moffet Elementary School

Moffet Elementary School looks like it has an awesome playground.  Unfortunately, it was locked when we went to visit it on a warm Sunday afternoon in May.  There are lots of things that our beleaguered, underfunded Philly schools need.  But one thing we ought now to let go off is that our schools should serve our communities and be welcoming to families in the evenings and in the weekends.  I have no idea if Moffet has any particular issues that require it to lock up its school yard on the weekends.  But we should work towards making all of our schools more community focused.  And one way to do that is to let kids play on playgrounds even when school isn’t in session.

03 moffet 1b

03 moffet 1

03 moffet 02

Visited: May 2015

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