142. Laura Sims Skate House

The Laura Sims Skatehouse is located in the Cobbs Creek Rec Center where Walnut Street deadends into Cobbs Creek Parkway. It’s a big, light, airy ice rink, and skate rentals will only set you back three bucks.  Zora and I, joined by our friend Jai, visited on a Sunday afternoon in January.  Zora’s just learning how to skate and mostly hung out on the rail, with brief jaunts into the middle of the ice when she was feeling particularly brave.  Jai, on the other hand, was an ice skating maniac.  Around and around they went until the PA system announced that the session was over and everyone had to leave the ice for the Zamboni to clear things up.

For hours of operation, check out the Parks and Rec page on ice rinks here.

sims01sims03 sims02

Visited: January 2015.

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