149. Monkiewicz Playground

43 monkThis is a great site and it’s got a lot going on: a pool, basketball courts, tennis courts, a baseball field, a rec building, and two playgrounds: one for bigger kids and one for smaller ones.  It’s also in a most unfortunate location, dropped down between I-95 to the east and busy Richmond Street to the west.  Plus, it’s across the street from a Wawa and Sunoco (neither of which, by the way, have public bathrooms.)  But for such a bad location, it does well for itself.  We kicked the soccer ball around for awhile and climbed on the retro rainbow triplets.  It’s hard to escape the noise and motion of I-95, but if you have to be this close to it, you might as well be playing on a playground.

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Philly Parks & Rec Site

Visited: March 2015

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