55. Shepard Rec Center

One of the best playgrounds we’ve visited so far.  It’s got everything.  And the equipment is clean and well-kept.  And it’s got a zebra and a parrot rocker.  And it’s got enough picnic area to serve half of West Philly.  This is definitely a destination playground, especially during the summer when the pool and sprayground (yeah, they got both) are open.

Philadelphia Playground Project (reviewed on 12/31/2011)
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Visited: November 2012

2 thoughts on “55. Shepard Rec Center

  1. I was trying to find out how many playgrounds are in w. philly, and found your site. I enjoyed you and your daugthers reserch, and info on all the different playgrounds.My favorite is also shepards, I have been taking my son their for ten years, and my new grandson for a year. My reason for finding out how many playgrounds are in w. philly.,is because I want to learn what I can do to have a playground wher we live, in the

    • Wynnefield section of w. philly, and I really feel that we need a playground in our area. I feel like wynnefield has been left out. I feel we need one, and its not fair, not to have a playground for the families here. But, I do not have a clue how to go about getting Wynnefield a playground. Thank You and your little girl for the good and fun job you did on your fun adventure.

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