90. Karen Donnelly Park

16 donnellyThis park is a small strip of land in mid-block that, according to this newspaper account, was renovated in 2010.  It’s very quiet and has several unusual features.  The most prominent is the 10 foot wide silver button in the middle.  It’s an odd choice: on the cool but sunny day that we were there, the button was too hot to touch.  And despite the signs warning visitors not to touch it, kids (and their parents) are hard-pressed not to touch it.  Do you know what this playground really needs?  A 40 foot tall elm tree spreading its branches across the park and providing cool shade to visitors.   But, you know, I’m from West Philly.  I think everything is better with trees.

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Philadelphia Playground Project (visited: 1/24/12)

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Visited: April 2013

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