126. Mt. Airy Playground

09 mtairyOn the day Zora & I visited the Mt. Airy Playground, small children were mostly playing on the playground unaccompanied while their parents kept half an eye on them and half an eye on the action on the baseball field where–presumably?–their older siblings/cousins were in a heated youth baseball game. There are two playgrounds here–one for younger children on the first base line and one for older children on the third base line–and they’re both pretty great. But it’s clear that the real action is at the baseball fields and the football fields that are the real focus of this rec center. If you’re a playground fan, though, that might be for the best as it means no waiting for the swings and greater access to the climbing equipment. All of which are in a pretty good condition.

mtairy1 mtairy2 mtairy3 mtairy4Philly Playground Project (reviewed: 8/7/2010)

Visited: May 2014

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