148. Stokley Rec Center

44 stokelyOne of the cool things about documenting our visits to playgrounds over several years is that I get to look back at photos of Zora and remember how she interacted with playgrounds when she was 3 or 4 compared to how she interacts with them today when she’s 6.  I remember, for instance, when she was too scared to climb up the retro climbing rainbows they have at Stokley Rec Center.  But when we visited Stokley, she mounted them carefully, but determinedly.  It didn’t hurt that her friend Jai was there to encourage her.  Stokley is a solid rec center, but nothing particularly absorbing.  I couldn’t help but think how things would really be much more pleasant if they planted some trees around the playground.

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June 2014 article on the playground (with video!)

Visited: March 2015

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