89. Greenfield Elementary School Playground

11 greenfieldHidden behind Greenfield Elementary School on Chestnut Street is this delightful Center City oasis of fun. There’s a retro climber spaceship, two spinners (I’m still dizzy), three padded hills, lots of trees, a world map painted on the blacktop, and it’s all in the shadow of a new skyscraper going up next door.  Zora particularly liked climbing up the hills and spinning around and around.  If you’re in western Center City and  looking for a break from Markward Playground or visiting the nearby Mutter Museum, you ought to stop by here and enjoy.

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Philadelphia Playground Project Review (7/2/11)

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Visited: February 2013

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  1. Miguel,

    ?Sabes de Sister Cities Park enfrente de Logan Circle? Alli hay Children’s Discovery Garden. Tambien de interes pero no es exactamente un parque infantil es John F. Collins a 1707 Chestnut St.

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