14. Powel Elementary School Playground

This two-in-one playground is above the street grade level so unless you know it’s there, you might miss it if you zoom along Powelton Avenue.  To get here, go up the stairs next to the Powel Elementary School off of Powelton Avenue.  There’s a raised grassy circular bed in the middle of the playground between the little kids’ playground and the big kids’ playground.  Behind the playground area is a large asphalted play area for the school kids. All in all, a well-kept medium-sized playground.

Philadelphia Playground Project review (11/14/10)

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Visited: January 2012

One thought on “14. Powel Elementary School Playground

  1. There’s also a great playground for toddlers across 35th St. between Powelton and Pearl called the “Powelton Village Tot Lot” – it looks like you may have missed it when you visited the Powel Elementary School playground but I highly recommend it, especially with the nice greenery for playing soccer and the table area for lunch!

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