136. Spruce Street Harbor Park

The playgrounds that Zora and I document on this site have a few things in common: (1) they’re all in Philly; (2) they all have playground equipment or otherwise have something interesting that attracts us to them; and (3) they’re all available to the public and free.  But I bend the rules sometimes for really cool places like Bartram’s Gardens which doesn’t really have any playground equipment.  Here’s another exception: the Spruce Street Harbor Park.  Not only didn’t it have any traditional playground equipment, but it was only here for a limited period during the summer 2014.  But it was super amazing.  So amazing, in fact, that drawing a map was just impossible: there was just too much to capture.  Hammocks.  Big Connect Fours and Chess games.  Air hockey.  Lounges selling beer along the Delaware River.  Misters.  And much more.  With luck, this pop-up park will pop up again in summer 2015.

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Website from the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation

Visited: August 2014

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