137. Dendy Rec Center Playground

73 dendy rec ctrFor awhile there, in the Spring and Summer of 2013, I think, Zora couldn’t get enough of the swings.  They were her favorite playground equipment, and nothing else came close.  If we went to a playground without them, she would want to leave within 20 minutes. (Our normal time at a playground is about 45 minutes.)  These days, she’s a hopscotch fanatic.  And she’s getting pretty good at it.  Dendy Rec Center was a rare playground that had TWO quality hopscotches.  We stayed for quite some time.  We were the only ones of the playground that Sunday afternoon, oddly enough.  But not nearly as odd as the artwork on the south side of the playground.  A link to more photos of the “Dolphin Play Fountain,” including information on the sculpture, is at the link after the photos.

dendy01 dendy02 dendy03

Philly Playground Project (visited: 9/23/10)

Link to more information about the public art on the south side of the playground

Visited: September 2014

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