141. 33rd & Wallace Playground

24 33rd st

When Zora and I started this project, we rode our bicycles to the first 40 playgrounds.  They were all within two miles of our house.  By now, when we go out to have a playground adventure, it typically means that we need to first drive for more than half an hour before we get to a playground we have not yet visited.  But today we found a playground we had overlooked.  On a sunny, blustery autumn Sunday afternoon, on our way down to watch some boats race on the Schuylkill River (as part of the Head of the Schuylkill Regatta), we stopped by the 33rd & Wallace Playground.  This playground, just a few blocks from the house that I used to live in 15 years ago, has two great pieces of equipment plus hopscotch and more.   They even have a see-saw.  For the first time, Zora was able to balance me out by sitting way back on one side while I saw way up on the other side.  Seeing her delight at her new-found ability, I started to try to explain levers and Archimedes and simple machines.  Seeing her confusion, I stopped.


Philly Playground Project (not yet reviewed.)

Visited: October 2014

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