115. Shuler Playground

shulerI’m a sucker for those old-timey double UFO structures.  And when you enter Shuler Playground, there’s a beaut, right in front of you.  The rest of the playground equipment is pretty standard.  On the Saturday afternoon that we visited, the soulful R&B station pouring from the radio of the guys across the way washing their cars set the tone as Zora and I dared each other to do even wilder moves on the toucan rockers.  We had the place almost all to ourselves, although the swimming pool was still empty, and I bet that when it’s full, the place is hopin’.

03 shuler3 03 shuler2 03 shuler4 03 shuler1

Philly Playground Project (reviewed: 3/17/13)

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Visited: March 2014

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