93. Sacks Playground

17 sacksWe visited Sacks Playground on a sunny but cold Saturday afternoon.  Zora loved the climbing walls.  She hasn’t always been a big fan of climbing so it’s fun to see her enjoy new playground equipment.  It looks like this playground is missing a raised tunnel which has been blocked off by two green pieces of oval plywood.  Otherwise, the spot is in great shape.  And there are 3-4 small painted wood murals which brighten up the place and reflect the neighborhood pride that someone(s) apparently feel for this cute little spot.

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Philadelphia Playground Project (visited 7/25/10)

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One thought on “93. Sacks Playground

  1. Hi Micheal, Zora Plays is excellent, great idea. Hand drawn maps are great. And really good reference. My daughter is 23 now but I surely can appreciate this project as we did a good bit of exploring back when she was Zora’s age.
    Found this site as I was researching playgrounds for a map I’m making.

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