134. Starr Garden

75 starr gardensZora and I were delighted to be joined on our trip to the playground at Starr Garden by Susanna.  I think she often wonders where we go when we disappear from the house for hours on our “playground adventures.”  And the Starr Garden was a treat.  Perhaps the basketball game on the nearby court was a bit spirited a times, but otherwise, our visit was perfect.  A family ate a late lunch on the picnic tables.  We talked again for the 100th time about how it’s a shame that we still haven’t been to Blackbird Pizzeria, Philly’s highly recommend vegan pizza joint.  And we played.  There’s two interesting pieces here: first, the fire engine climber.  They’re not unique–they have one of these at Malcolm X Playground in West Philly and at Water Tower Rec Center playground in Mt. Airy–but I still love them.  Second, they have a complete vertical 180 degree climber.  I have never seen one of these before.  And, especially for a park this close to South Philly, they sure have a lot of lovely shade trees.

zoraplays2a zoraplays2b zoraplays2c zoraplays2d zoraplays2e zoraplays2fPhilly Playground Project (reviewed on 8/9/2009)

Facebook page for Starr Garden Neighbors and Friends group

Visited: August 2014

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