119. Hawthorne Cultural Center playground

hawthorneZora brought one of her best friends with her on our trip to the Hawthorne Cultural Center playground, and I thought we would never leave.  “See you at the bottom!” they shouted to each other as they slid down the swirly slide.  “See you at the top!” they shouted as they raced to the top of the slide again.  And over and over.  The playground sits in the shadow of an enormous communications tower which gives the place an eerie edge, but it’s also graced with a beautiful mosaic and artwork on the wall of the building.  Sadly, it’s also graced by a lot of graffiti tags, too.hawthorne0 hawthorne1 hawthorne2

Philly Playground Project (reviewed: 8/8/2009)

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Visited: March 2014

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