129. Pleasant Playground

01 pleasantparkPleasant Playground, just off of Chew Avenue, was, according to news reports, renovated in 2012-2013.  Today, it’s clean and fresh and beautiful.  Fortunately, we went on a hot afternoon and Zora had a bathing suit with her, because the park has this amazing water sprinkler that’s activated by a button on a nearby pole.  Push it, and water shoots 15 feet into the air.  That sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?  But there’s something about giving kids control over water sprayers that makes them giddy with joy.  And I don’t think that’s just Zora.

pleasantplayground4 pleasantplayground3 pleasantplayground2 pleasantplayground1Philly Playground Project (not yet reviewed)

Visited: July 2014


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