158. Picariello Playground

54 picarielloYou would think that I would get more questions about what I’m doing when I show up at a playground with a clipboard and a pen and try to do a quick sketch of the place while I’m racing Zora around the playground and trying out all the climbers.  But you’d be wrong.  In fact, on the Father’s Day Sunday that we visited Picariello Playground, I was asked what I was doing for only the second time that I could remember.  And when I told the guy who asked me, I don’t think he believed me.  But meanwhile, Zora was loving Picariello.  It helped that on this hot day, the sprayground was active and crowded and loud.  There are two neat stand-alone rock climbing walls that look like they were pealed off of a Frank Gehry building.  Plus, as I recall, this was the playground that Zora learned about dangling from rings.
07 picariello 01

07 picariello 02

07 picariello 03

07 picariello 04

07 picariello 05

07 picariello 06

07 picariello 07

Visited: June 2015

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