145. Pop’s Playground

22 pops

One corner of Pop’s Playground is an awesome and beautiful and very busy skate park which, based on what I read on the internet, has been open since July 2009.  But, sadly, the rest of Pop’s Playground needs some love. No playground looks its best on a gray February afternoon, but Pop’s is sadly marred by encyclopedic graffiti, broken and missing swings, and torn up mats and concrete.  On the plus side, there are two play structures and a basketball court and a small sprayground.  But here’s what I have to say about Pop’s Playground: Zora left her soccer ball there.  And when we realized that we had left it there and came back 20 minutes later, it was still there.  Plus, Zora got a kick out of driving on the wavy cobblestones of Trenton Avenue.


Visited: February 2015

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