118. McCall Elementary School Playground


If you’re not a McCall Elementary School family, you  might not even know this playground exists.  To get there, you have to come in on Panama Street, a small half-block cobble-stone street between Pine and Spruce.  It’s a new-ish looking playground with no graffiti.  No swings, but they do have one of those new-fangled see-saws.  On the Saturday afternoon we were there, some kids were practicing tricks on their BMX bikes in the sea of asphalt between the playground and building.  And ordinarily, I’d be wistful at the asphalt expanse, but the luscious and green Washington Square park is just a block or two north for all your grassy needs.mccall-3 mccall-4

mccall1 mccall2Philly Playground Project (reviewed: 9/9/2009)

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Visited: March 2014

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