111. Wissahickon Charter School

wissahickonZora and I were driving up Wissahickon Ave and spied this big rope climbing sphere that was, in a word, un-pass-up-able.  I’m not sure if this amazing playground is open to the public, but we pulled into the parking lot of Wissahickon Charter School, bounded down the stairs, and had a great time.  It’s a little strange having so much fun just a few feet from the speeding cars down Wissahickon Ave, but the playground is exquisitely designed–with help from the good people at Kaboom!–and has everything you want except swings.  Slides and tic-tac-toe games and rock climbing and a car race game and drums and monkey bars.  My only issue–and really, I’m grasping here–is that the playground phone didn’t seem to work when we visited.  One of our favorites.

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Philly Playground Project (not yet reviewed)

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Visited: March 2014

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