105. Richard Wright School Playground

richard wrightWhy on earth would you design a playground with this much asphalt?  How much nicer would this expanse of land be if it were all ripped out and replaced with grass.  Oddly, this sea of asphalt is across the street from a meadow–a real life urban meadow that doubles as the grazing field for a horse stable.  The playground itself, one of many built with the help of the Philadelphia Eagles, is fine enough.  But caution: the swinging bridge has a few broken connectors and little feet can easily fall through the cracks. The highlight of this playground–other than the two adorable sisters that played with Zora and me when we showed up–is the rock climbing wall which Zora only recently has finally figured out.

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Philadelphia Playground Project (not yet reviewed)

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Visited: August 2013

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