135. Three Bears Park

74 three bearsThere are a few playgrounds that, upon hearing about this blog, people inquire about.  The two most common: “Have you been to Jenks Playground?” and “Have you been to Three Bears Park?”  And now that we’ve been to both of these playgrounds, I can understand why they have such a dedicated base of followers.  Three Bears isn’t big or complicated (unlike Jenks), but it’s cozy and charming and–come on!–it has a lovely statute of three bears.  It’s tucked away in Center City and easy to miss.  But if you’re strolling around Center City, it’s worth a stop.  And if you’re fortunate enough to live near this adorable park, well, you’re mighty lucky.

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Philly Playground Project (reviewed: 8/9/2009)

Friends of Three Bears Park community group

Visited: August 2014

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