159. Chalfont Playground

60 chalfont


We visited Chalfont Playground as part of Super Playground Day on Father’s Day.  Usually, we go out and visit 3-4 playgrounds, spending at least a half hour at each.  But on Super Playground Day, we visited 8 different playgrounds in the Northeast.  I think Chalfont was about #4 on the day.  And by the time we reached Chalfont, I realized that the playgrounds in the Northeast, compared to the rest of the City, are really really well maintained.  There were no worn holes in the rubberized mat.  There were few broken swings or missing basketball rims.  And the equipment all looked pretty new.  Chalfont was no exception.  They even had incorporated boulders into the play equipment to climb on.  And the sprayground provided a welcome cooling off.
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Visited: June 2015

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