125. Water Tower Rec Center Playground

08 watertowerWater Tower Rec Center appears to be a pretty gigantic rec center with lots of offerings, including pickleball, zumba, yoga, gymnastics, tennis, baseball, soccer, bocce, and a summer camp.  The playground, on the other hand, is pretty straightforward.  There’s a retro fire truck and a few simple pieces of equipment.  What really got Zora’s attention, though, were the two pipes, turned on their sides, that you could climb into and out off.  Hard to describe, really.  They’re shown in the second photo below.  On the very hot and humid day that we visited, I was super glad that the playground was very shady.

watertower2 watertower1 watertower3

Philly Playground Project (reviewed: 3/2/13)

Water Town Rec Center Facebook page

Visited: May 2014

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