123. Jenks Elementary School Playground

07 jenksEver since we started this project, people have been asking me whether we’ve visited Jenks yet.  And on a lovely May weekend day, we finally got up to see what all the fuss was about.  What a beautiful, community-driven playground!  My first thought when I saw it: this is incredible!  My second thought when I saw it: this is going to be an incredibly difficult map to draw!  Zora was enamored.  At one point, after we had been at the playground for nearly an hour, we started playing hide and go seek and, on the second or third time, Zora found such a good hiding place, that I was truly worried this whole project was about to end with a missing child.  This place has so many good hiding places and interesting spots.  If you love playgrounds–or even if you just like them a little bit–you should get yourself up to this jawn.

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Philly Playground Project (reviewed: 3/2/13)

Visited: May 2015

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