162. Junod Playground

59 junod
I believe that Junod Playground is the most northeasterly playground in all of Philadelphia.  And what a playground it is!  There’s a beautiful stainless steel giraffe sculpture greeting you as you come into the playground, plus an arch inscribed with the name of the playground.  There’s a mix of standard playground equipment, plus the weird stuff that’s hard to draw.  There’s a cool sprayground that was not yet running on a hot Sunday morning around 11am.  One of the workers told us to come back in an hour since it was on a timer that started at noon.  He didn’t like it, either.
11 junod 01

11 junod 02

11 junod 03

11 junod 04

11 junod 05

11 junod 06

11 junod 07

11 junod 08
Philly Playground Project review (visited: 3/14/13)

Visited: June 2015

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